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Sell Us Your Used Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s & Cassettes

Homer’s Music & Gifts has been buying Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, & Cassette collections for more than 50  years. We are proud of our reputation for paying top dollar for gently used items that are in Good condition. Bring your Vinyl, CD’s DVD’s  & Cassettes to the store and we will make you an offer on what we can sell and will give back those items that we don’t need. We evaluate each individual item for condition and sales history to determine your offer. No collection is too large or too small.

You can bring in items to sell anytime we’re open: Mon. – Thurs. 10am – 9pm, Fri -Sat. 10am-9pm  & Sun. 11am – 9pm.If you have a larger quantity, please call ahead and we ask that you give us enough time to go through them. Occasionally the buyer may not be on site and you may be asked to leave your collection with your name and number and the buyer will call you as soon as the buy has been completed. We will need a valid I.D. to complete the transaction. Take Cash or Trade You have a choice of taking cash or trade on your offer. If it is a large offer, we may need to write you a check.

We Make Off-Site Purchases for Large Collections Do you or someone you know have a large collection of Vinyl records? Give us a call, as we may be able to come to you to evaluate your collection and make you an offer. We will travel if you’re out of the Omaha area. Not sure if we buy it? We have been known to buy the occasional VHS, 8-track, & Music memorabilia collection.

You can call for our current buying status. Or message us on Facebook, Instagram & Tweet us and we will let you know.
1210 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68102

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