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What's New 1-29-21

Liberty & Lament

Building on the themes of their critically acclaimed album Among The Ghosts, "family" is at the center of Lucero's new album When You Found Me. The album reimagines family stories as modern fables, with young heroines and storybook lyrics inspired by the fairy tales lead singer Ben Nichols' reads with his four year old daughter at bedtime. Throughout When You Found Me, true stories are turned into fantasy and folktales are reimagined into pummeling rock songs.

Rough Trade

On All Fours sees the band veer away from the confrontational lyricism of their debut and indicates Goat Girls maturing perspectives in discussing the world's injustices and social prejudices, using the music to explore global, humanitarian, environmental and mindful well-being. Frequent use of sci-fi synthesizers, off-beat chord progressions, analogue drum machines, diverse vocal styles and distinct, gritty guitars fuse a musical language that expresses both former characteristics and newer developments of the bands sound and vision.


2021 is less than a month old and already we have one of the albums of the year from London-based musician and poet Arlo Parks. Its a series of vignettes and intimate portraits surrounding her adolescence and the people that shaped it. Heartbreak, beautiful poetry, betrayal and hope, all inspired by Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Jim Morrison and Fela Kuti. One listen and you will fall in love, like when you first heard Frank Ocean, King Krule or Lilly Allen.

Six Shooter Records

Recorded during the Served Cold World Tour, which traveled the USA, UK and Ireland before the shutdown, Served Live is a full concert set list taped at iconic and beloved venues, from Londons Brixton Academy and Denvers Mission Ballroom to The Belasco Theatre in LA. Featuring new material from the Gold-certified bluegrass band and their JUNO Award winning album Sugar & Joy, Served Live puts you in the front row in your own home, where we hope youll stay safe.

Arts & Crafts

The Future Bites is an exploration of how the human brain has evolved in the Internet era, an online portal to a world of high concept design custom built for the ultra-modern consumer. Its less a bleak vision of an approaching dystopia, more a curious reading of the here and now featuring gorgeous, warped electronic sounds, stratosphere-leveled acoustics, relentless, bass-driven Motorik grooves and swampish, murky funk.

Metal Blade

Swedens kings of gothic, deathly metal have returned with Where the Gloom Becomes Sound-- a masterclass in all things tenebrous and creepy. The Swedes have crafted a sonic fingerprint unlike any other by fusing heavy metal, death metal, hard rock, and (Swedish) folk music into what can only be described as the Tribulation sound. Moored by incredible songwriting and developed by a brilliant production team, Tribulation is aesthetically in a league of their own.


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