Store Safe Shopping Policies

June 5, 2020

Our hours are now Monday through Saturday 10AM to 10 PM and Sunday 11AM to 9PM. 
We will post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if there are any changes.

We will try to provide a safer shopping environment for employees and customers. We still offer home delivery in the metro area and curbside pickup. Call us at 402-346-0264
-A face mask is mandatory in the store.
-We are requiring that hand sanitizer be used before entering the store. This will be provided at the front.
-Any customers with symptoms that resemble a cold or the flu may be asked to leave. If you have any symptoms that are of this nature, please be considerate and make plans to shop our store at a later date.  
-We will be following the ten person limit recommendations. While we have expanded our vinyl section it can get crowded. We would ask if you have extended family or friends with you not shopping, that they wait outside. This is not required, but would be considerate to others. 
-If waiting outside please observe social distancing recommendations of six feet. 
-While in the store we ask that you follow social distancing recommendations of six feet as much as possible. We know this can be difficult, but that is why we are limiting the amount of people in the store. 
-We are not allowing large bags in the store including back-packs or record bags or recycled bags. We will not be holding bags at the front counter. We are not allowing them in the store at all. 
-We will be sanitizing the store and touch points frequently throughout the day. If you would like to wear gloves in the store we have those available for you also. 
-We are taking the temperature of each of us working in the store daily. Our employees will not be allowed to work with any symptoms. 
-We will be taking used product, but because we have been closed for a couple of months we will be taking in only higher quality product and less product than we usually do at this time. We will still be paying the same prices for product, we will just be a little more picky for the time being on titles we take. Some of the titles we pass on now, we will probably be open to taking in 90 to 120 days.  We will also not be looking through titles immediately when they are brought in the store. Product may be dropped off, but we will not be looking at the product or touching it for 24-48 hours. So keep that in mind. These policies are temporary. 
We are super excited to see you, sell you music and smile at you behind our masks. We appreciate your patience with us opening and appreciate your tolerance of policies at this time.

You can also buy many titles here

We appreciate your business.

Be well and treat each other well.

Thank you,